1. Do I need to keep my camera on all time?
  • Yes, during the sessions you need to keep your camera on at all times to assure clear and easier communication between you and the chair and other delegations. However, during general events; such as the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the main speech; you can turn off your camera so there’s no interference.
  1. What should I do in case my internet connection or my device fails during a session?
  • Notify it to your faculty or to your chair so they can contact you to our staff and solve your situation as soon as possible.
  1. Can I eat or/and drink during a session?
  • No, but there will be periodic breaks where you are going to be able to. 
  1. What can I do if I have an emergency during a session?
  • It is extremely important to notify your situation to your chair so they can take it into consideration.
  1. What happens if I’m late for a session?
  • You will be credited a warning. 
  1. What does my registration include?
  • It includes access to the online platform for the model and a participation acknowledgement. 

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